October 30 2017 Monday at 10:48 AM

TOLC goes global

Since launching in 2014, we’ve produced thousands of hand-crafted shoe and boot laces for people and companies all over the planet. I think the furthest we’ve shipped laces is to Australia and probably the most bizarre place is Macau near Hong Kong.

Our manufacturing process has not changed a bit. We still hand glue every aglet to each cord end. Belt and braces for sure. I’ve never had an aglet come off which is testament that it works. The water and heat resistant glue we use is pretty expensive, but literally it ‘welds’ the cord to the metal aglet.

I’m chuffed to be supplying some top shoemakers and fashion companies in Britain with made-to-measure and bespoke laces. Ted Baker being a good example where they’re aglets are embossed ‘TED’ & ‘BAKER’ and the packaging is a bit special.

If you’re a customer reading this - thank you for your business. If you’re thinking of buying, but not sure, why not me and I’ll send you something to make you change your mind!

If we don’t list what you would like, just email me and I’ll see what we can do for you.

With my best regards,