February 03 2018 Saturday at 11:13 AM

NEW British Made Luxury Socks & Laces Giftpacks

To complement our made-to-measure hand crafted shoe and boot laces, made in our own workshop in Maldon, England, we now supply gift packs with quality, matching coloured socks.

These are not just any socks. These socks are the best socks we could find which are comfortable, durable and wonderful to wear on any occasion. We spent over a year looking for a British sock maker who, using the finest Egyptian cotton, could make a range of luxury socks - making the perfect match for our laces.

So we partnered with Pantherella. Based in Leicester, they are a fifth generation family-owned and run business, with a true passion for making fine socks since 1937. They’re modest people, but we know they make socks for royalty and some of the top fashion brands and retailers.

Initially there will be four colours available; royal blue, red, pink and purple. From the website you can order the gift packs with a choice of coloured laces.

You can tell a lot about a person from their footwear.

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