June 27 2015 Saturday at 10:30 AM

When did you last pull the red rip cord?

Feels good doesn't it? To have the power to stop the production process. Everyone at leading companies like Toyota and Pixar has the authority to pull the red cord. This ensures everyone is part of producing a quality product no matter the level of responsibility. This makes for great products with less faults. This is a collaborative process which means everyone is motivated to an end goal to make a better product. This only happens when people work well together and there is a conscious effort an everyone's part to do better.

This got me thinking. Why a red rip cord? Red often signals danger and is the ensign for help. In the world of design and fashion, it reflects hot-blooded, exciting, passion and dominance. The popular Ferrari red is no coincidence as this engenders a sporty, fiery passion which is an embodiment of the brand experience.

So next time you pull the cord or tie your shoelaces, think about the colour and what this says about you as a person. Are you passionate, sporty and dominate?

Be bold. Be original.

Ian Bates