September 30 2014 Tuesday at 07:46 PM

What was the spark that started the business?

On the 29th July 2012, I bought a pair of tan brogues at Heathrow Terminal 5 on my way to Hong Kong. They were supplied with two sets of laces including a blue pair as you can see from the picture below. The laces broke a few months later as is normal and I went in search of a replacement pair. I ended up importing them from Canada for about £17. These laces are still going strong and have been washed several times.

This led to me to invest in machinery to make laces in my garden shed. Crazy? Maybe, but would you believe; we've started supplying laces to some top British shoe makers, fashion brands and retailers?

I'm passionate about British products. We're good at making things as well as coming up with good ideas so it seems to me that being dependent on imports is not sustainable. It has to be good though otherwise people will not pay a premium.