May 22 2014 Thursday at 05:45 AM

Original laces for going to the races

You're off to the races. What outfit do you wear and how will you stand out from the crowd?

Ever considered coloured shoelaces to add an eye-catching finishing touch? How about coloured laces for the gentleman who dares to be different? They make the perfect gift.

It's often said; 'you can tell a great deal about a person from their shoes'. You can tell even more how they care for and present them. That's why The Original Laces Company of Maldon, England has just started designing and manufacturing coloured shoelaces with metal, embossed and laser etched tips called 'aglets' or 'flooglebinders'.

We asked the founder, Ian Bates, why make coloured shoelaces in Britain given that most textile products are today made in the Far East because they are so much cheaper? 'This started with my personal frustration at not being able to find quality shoelaces produced locally, which would not break easily. Poor quality and colour choice lead me to start producing laces from my workshop in the garden. We can now produce over a 1,000 pairs a day and have plans to increase production capacity over the coming months. We will also be providing a highly flexible tailoring service so that customers can select their preferred length and finish with an option to personalise. You can't provide this level of attention to detail and service from thousands of miles away whatever your cost base' said Bates.

Colours include; pink, red, purple, orange, blue, green and black. Other colours are planned along with designer stripes and different finished flooglebinders .